New restaurants and bars in Bologna

Osteria Bartolini

Osteria Bartolini Bologna

translation by Charlotte Fischer – original article by Gabriele Orsi ( go to the italian version)

With a current average of 5 new openings a day, spring 2017 in Bologna also brings the much anticipated opening of the newest Bottega dei Portici location in piazza Ravegnana, and the new pasta focused Car Ristorante in via IV Novembre.

In Bologna, summer isn’t the city’s only busy period for new restaurants and bars. Here, in the shadow of the Due Torri, you can find new or renewed places to eat and drink in nearly any season. This fall is no exception.

According to a recent study, as of July, Bologna had an average of five new business opening is doors every day, including bars serving hot snacks and cold plates or sandwiches, self service and kebab shops, and takeaway pizza shops/places. Bear in mind that those statistics don’t include the number of locales that have closed or changed management during the same period.


A number of big names have taken advantage of the beginning of the summer season to make their debut in Bologna: Since June, Fourghetti (via Augusto Murri 71) marked the return ‘home’ of Bologna native Bruno Barbieri (of Master Chef fame), to mixed reviews, according to insiders. This was followed by the opening of Massimiliano Poggi (via Lame 65-67, Trebbo di Reno), the eponymous restaurant led by a great chef known for elegant, refined cuisine that is well known outside Bologna but with strong ties to the area. We’ll be surprised if this latest round doesn’t bring a Michelin star to Bologna.

Together with its re-opening after a skilful restoration, Ristorante Marconi debuted its bakery-food retail shop Mollica (via Porrettana 291, Pontecchio Marconi) where chef Aurora Mazzucchelli’s experience working with sourdough is transformed into amazing focacce, crescente and pizza. Others have waited for the end of the vacation season to cut the tape: Osteria Bartolini (piazza Marcello Malpighi 16), the Bologna branch of the renowned Osteria del Gran Britto and Terrazza Bartolini di Milano Marittima is located on the ramp of the ancient Palazzo Marescotti where it offers elegant, yet humble and fairly priced fish dishes.


It wouldn’t be fair to limit this list of “edible Bologna” to only the biggest names without mentioning the widespread growth of venues large and small: Many of these new spots are located around the area that links via Righi, via delle Moline and via Petroni alongside the university zone, a sign that the recent trend is toward places that are neither only student oriented, nor overly gourmet.

Wineoox Room (via Augusto Righi 11), the enoteca with restaurant and retail shop, has opened in the former location of the pizzeria Victoria. At the former Swinebar, you will find Il Piatto Rotto (via Augusto Righi 24), a trattoria and gourmet wine bar that also offers Bologna classics, fish and vegetarian dishes. Dal Sarto (via Augusto Righi 12) serves elegant coffee and cocktails in the space formerly held by Sartorial D. Cuzzocrea.

You’ll find similar fare nearby at Drogheria (via Augusto Righi 28), while the adjoining Taverna di Zizì (via Augusto Righi 32) offers wine by the bottle or bulk for tastings and takeaway, including, according to their sign, “Prosecco ‘Doc’ di Argelato” for just €1.50 a glass. (We’re not sure that the real DOC areas for Prosecco would agree….).

Continuing along the same route you’ll find: Va Mo Là (via delle Moline 3), an osteria serving traditional Bologna cuisine and fresh pasta made in house; the contemporary Asian fusion restaurant Wok Around (via delle Moline 10); l’Emporio 1920 (via de’ Castagnoli 2), an elegant caffè serving hot and cold dishes for lunch; vegan restaurant UniVerso Vegan (largo Ottorino Respighi 6). Peterland (largo Ottorino Respighi 4) offers a variety of takeaway options, alongside Masterchips serving original Dutch frites, the cosmopolitan sandwich caffè ITIT (largo Ottorino Respighi 2) and the student-oriented la Gazetta (via Luigi Zamboni 26) that is a coffee shop, bottega, pub and restaurant all in one.

Situated between a pizzeria and a cocktail bar are piadina shop Lacquanuova (via Giuseppe Petroni 32/c) and Mediterranean Bistro (via Giuseppe Petroni 32/a). Nearby, Parsit – Specialità dal Mondo (via Giuseppe Petroni 19) offers Italian Ariccia pork alongside kebab and pastrami, and the eclectic sandwich shop Panino in Sartoria (via Giuseppe Petroni 1) that serves a large variety of gourmet sandwiches under a frescoed ceiling, while the brand new Barimbò (via Giuseppe Petroni 27) specializes in Bari-style street food.


Moving toward the city center, there is no lack for places of interest: First up is the gastrobar Wood (via San Vitale 26), which offers a warm, informal atmosphere and serves salads, sandwiches, tapas appetizers, pasta dishes and main courses. In the former tea rooms of Il Giardino delle Camelie, today you’ll find the little bistro La Balotta (via San Vitale 7) serving mostly vegan and vegetarian fare, with a few non-vegetarian selections. At mini enoteca L’Arco degli Albari (via degli Albari 2) choose from a nice selection of wines to pair with carefully chosen meats and cheeses and enjoy under its medieval ceiling. You’ll also find La Tumpulata (via Santa Margherita 1) temple of Sicilian-style street food/fast food, and the new, elegant home of Banco del Vino (via Goito 3), the wine bar and pizzeria that is quite ready to open with a new look.. Beautiful the new born Pappare’ in via die Giudei 2.


The elegant Japanese restaurant Sapori del Sol Levante da Seijo (via Andrea Costa 63/2) offers classic sushi, nigiri, sashimi, maki, udon, tempura and teriyaki; Yuzuya (via Nicolò Dall’Arca 1) offers traditional Japanese as well as take out in a less traditional atmosphere. For dessert, try the Pasticceria La Borbonica (via Riva di Reno 110) or the artisanal gelateria Tasta (via San Felice 4).


And that’s not all! Set for its grand opening at the end of September, pasta restaurant Adesso Pasta Car Ristorante (Via IV Novembre 12) by Francesco Mafaro will open in the former location of fabric store Pasquini. L’ama Fishbar (via del Pratello 58) will open in early October, specializing in delicious Italian style fried fish. Meanwhile, the newest location of Bottega dei Portici will open in piazza di Porta Ravegnana in the eclectic Palazzo Melchiorre Bega: enjoy watching your pasta being made by the resident sfoglina and priceless views of the Due Torri from one of its three floors; it will also host a fashion corner and a space for classical music concerts; the ribbon cutting is scheduled for spring 2017.